Artifical Teeth Mould

We know very well that every artificial teeth producer needs unique properties on teeth moulds.

Layering technique, automation adoption, layer pressing sequence, pressing force, shape of the mould, number of teeth cavity per mould, raw material properties and flow control, raw material placing method, curing cycle time are some inputs for our moulds.

Our Technology
Scanning Technology
We are using custom made laser scanning system and most advanced reverse engineering softwares.

CAD Technology
  • Our design experts are using limits of several advanced CAD software instead of using a all-in-one software solutions.

CAM Technology
  • The shiny and precious surface quality is not chance but the result of right combination of CAM software, toolpath strategies, toolpath parameters, milling machine, toolholders, cutting tools and steel quality.

Dental Study Model
We are currently developing a new Dental Study Model and planning to launch to the market on middle of November 2008.