Arma Mold
"The Better way of Making Moulds"

World’s Most Experienced Engineers & Technicians In His/Her Field

We are designing teeth everyday from 2006. We also produce the molds for the designed teeth from 2006. We have the most experienced team in our company regarding the teeth design and production teeth mold.

World’s Best Reverse Engineering / CAD / CAM Solutions

We follow the new technologies and improvements in our field. We keep ourselves up to date. As a result we provide best solutions for our customers.

Everyday Same Precision

We make our manufacturing in a special, climatized production center. We use HSM series CNC milling machines. Our milling precision is under 5 micron. Even years later we can renew a mold part or produce a copy part for that mold.

Customized Design & Moulds

We make product development as to our customer requirements. The customers makes market analysis we develop the best product for them.

In-house Mould Check with Customer Parameters

Every mould is tested in our company with customer’s parameters. For us, the success is to get desired results with customer’s production conditions. We also consult them to be more effective.

World’s Biggest Teeth Mold Production Center

We are manufacturing teeth molds everyday. Up to now, more than 10.000 molds we produced. Our monthly production capacity is 300 mold parts / month.


Produce & sell premium teeth

Use our advanced design

A lot of new models coming to market.
Texturised labial surfaces, different occlusal
angles, advanced layers are new trends.
We are proud that many premium brands
designed by our engineers. Why don’t you
have a new brand with trending concepts
for premium teeth market?

Target Premium Teeth
Market with Your Unique Design

Perfect Digitalisation
Perfect Digitalisation

We have high end scanning systems to
digitalize your master / hand-made models


Texturize + SKYN Works
Occlusal Sharpening


Cleaning Faults
Correcting Edges

Advanced Layering

With our advanced design techniques, we
are abla to make totally same layers with your

Advanced Layering
Model Check
Model Check

You see the final product produced with
your material to be sure about everything.

Confidential Data Storage

We store your confidential teeth datas in our special server system.
Third parties can not be reached to these master models.


Cost Effective Solution

Arma Dental offers wide range of tooth library from wellknown brands. Take advantage of well known, accepted library models. Search your market’s famous brands and we manufacture moulds for you.

Start production in a short-term
Library Models
Widen Your Product Range with
Well-known Models
Ready Design

Adapted layers provide perfect color match.

Ready Mould Layout

We directly produce moulds with ready to use mould layouts.



Best Teeth Mould Ever!

10 Years Life No Hand Finishing! Easy to Take Out Teeth

Monoblock Steel

We are machining moulds from mono- block steel.
Heat treated patented steel provides long life.

Mould Layout

Circular, rectangle, square mould shapes
are available.


Each mould has its unique pin
positions. Operator can not close
wrong mould parts.

Heat Transfer

Mono-block moulds have better
heat transfer than old electroform /
cast moulds. This helps quicker and
homogenous polymerization.


Best Machining Technologies

Everyday Same Precision

Thanks to our climatized production environment, we are able to mill the moulds at same precision for years. If a part is damaged or should be renewed after years; it is possible to make without renewing other parts of the mould.

Huge Production Capacity

We are the biggest teeth mould supplier
around the world.

Arma Surface Technology

With our optimized surface technology; you clean excess material easily. With optimized grooving area, material flows perfectly inside to cavities. No missing tooth during production. With optimized grooving area and perfect force distribution, you get very thin crust. < 0,08 mm